Prog Noir (Unquiet Remix With TLEV Collage)

Stick Men

Record Details

This is a special remix of “Prog Noir” by Stick Men.

In honor of Tony Levin’s 75th birthday, various extracts of his bass lines and licks are featured in the beginning and the end of the remix, with also a dedicated collage created as a “Prog Noir” interlude/short story.

Remixed by JP Rossi
Mastered by Cefe Flynn /

Based on original tracks with extracts of Tony Levin’s bass lines and melodies played on King Crimson’s “Sleepless”, and “Elephant Talk”, Peter Gabriel’s “I Don’t Remember”, Stick Men’s “Tempest” and Tony Levin’s “Break It Down”, “Catskill Gallery”, “Chasms”, In The Caves Of The Iron Mountain”, “Ooze”, “Speedbump”, “The Fifth Man”, “The Gorgon Sisters Have A Chat”, “We Stand In Sapphire Silence”… And Tony’s voice from his pieces “Crisis Of Faith” and “Throw The Dog A Bone”

Cover drawing by Deborah Wadey

Unquiet Music Ltd UML006 (P)